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                What is so beautiful about a musical instrument is......

                                What it can make Happen: 


                                       *  Musical Showers and Rainbows

                                             Expresses Our Feelings

                                            Songs and Laughter

                                            *  Tells Our Story

                                            *  Lifelong Friends

                                            Chill & Unwind

C                                          Say it with a Song

                                            Unforgettable Memories

                                            *  Refreshes the Heart

                                            *  Awakens our Purpose

                                            *  Dreams Come True

                                            *  Brings Us Together

                                                - unknown - 

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by Appointment

45+ Years of old world craftsmanship




“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

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       "Advice goes in one ear and often finds it's way out the other.

          A voice (Music) goes in one ear and often finds the heart."

                                                 - Unkown -

Music Instrument

Repairs & Set Ups



We feature experienced string instrument (luthier) guitar and violin repair work, and specialize in precision-custom set up work to bring out the best tone and playability of your guitar or other string instrument. We have worked on a vast variety of instruments for an equally unique set of musicians, and have many techniques that will be utilized to enhance the performance and character of your instrument.

We provide our services to Dealers, Repair Shops, Studios, Individuals, Schools, Teachers, Students, Artists, Performers, Collectors. 

     Please call or email for an                        appointment

Cultural and Ethnic String Instruments, Violin, Mandolin, Lute

Quotes - Evaluations  - Estimates

We are always happy to hear from you and willing to reply to questions about your musical instrument. We can arrange to see your instrument through a phone-video, phone-pic, or in person if you live in the Northern Utah area. We can also arrange for instruments to be brought in or shipped to our shop when needed; for advanced evaluation, consultation and/or repair services, upgrades, restorations.


- Luthier Services -
Ogden, UT 84403
801 621 2256
For evaluations, appointments, questions, estimates,  lessons,  please call or email us

Personal Instrument Shopper – Advisor

Having owned a large Music Instrument Dealership for many years, and working closely with many of the world’s leading guitar, violin, and Instrument makers, factories and importers, has provided an insight into the Musical Instrument world enabling us to shop for an instrument, advise you as to the best one for your needs, goals, and budget; and help assure the right price. The instrument receives a  rigorous inspection and is set up to the highest Instrumental play-tune-performance standards. From there, it is delivered to you; a cherished personal instrument for your musical tastes and dreams.


There is geometry in the humming of the strings,         there is music in the spacing of the spheres.
                              - Pythagoras -

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    "It is said that a dog is man's best friend.
I have found my  guitar to be right there too."    
                                     - unkown -

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                           We offer Luthier Services (String Instrument Craft) to                                  

Dealers, Repair Shops, Individuals, Shoppers, Studios, Teachers, Students, Schools.



Hi! Thanks for stopping by and Nice to meet you! The String Workshop is located in the beautiful mountains of scenic, historic Ogden, Utah, just a short drive north of Salt Lake City. We service all of the Ogden-Layton-Clearfield area, and we also see many folks from Orem, Provo, Moab, Brigham City, Logan, Evanston, and Idaho. Our experience ranges from playing, teaching, composing, recording, performing, conducting, repair, custom shop work, set-up, buyer assist, retail, importing,  and many aspects of music. What I love the most about the Music trade: is working as a string instrument craftsman (Luthier) for all kinds of repairs, adjustments, upgrades, and set ups: Guitars, Bluegrass-Folk and Violins.

We have broad experience in string instruments and during our years of operation, have interacted as  an authorized service technician for several name brand manufacturers (guitars and violins). We have serviced thousands of string instruments, through a 45+ years career; from many famous makers, genres, cultures, histories and backgrounds.

We do Luthier work for individuals, dealers, repair shops, sellers, collectors, studios, schools, teachers, and students.

If you would like to have an evaluation, repair, upgrade, set-up, or lessons, on your instrument, please contact me for an appointment and we can arrange to meet at my shop. I occasionally travel to do volunteer work or training,  and may be away for a week or two. I do luthier work when I am here. These are the things I love to do. I will be happy to meet you and evaluate your instrument.




- Your Instrument should sound and play it's best - So that it is pleasing to you and expresses your song, your story, your persona. It should also be pleasing to those who hear you. That is why the String Workshop is here,  and what we offer to do for you and your instrument. 

-  Expert in String Musical Instrument repair, harmonization, calibration,           

   optimization, restoration, upgrade, and set up  - 

                Guitars, Bass, Bluegrass, Violins, Ukes

-  Experienced personal shopping assistant, to help you get the right   

   instrument for the right price and value! - 


-  Personalized professional private Guitar Lessons

- Guitar Repair Classes and training 

- Instrument Maintenance and care lessons.

- Professional evaluations of an instrument you are planning to

  buy, sell, or keep as an heirloom, an investment, or keepsake.

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Contact :
the String Workshop
3330 Baker Drive
Ogden, UT 84403
String Instrument Luthier Services - By Appointment
       Please call or email for an appointment

     Please contact us via email

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