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                                              - SCHOOLS

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                                                        - TEACHERS & STUDENTS

                            the STRING WORKSHOP


“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein




The String Workshop offers Musical Instrument Services and Staff Training to Dealers and Repair Shops who may need an extra hand or back up services, for your business or your customers. For your inventory instruments or for your customers, you can have luthier services available when and as needed, without adding to your full time staff. Your customer can pick up their finished instrument fully repaired from your place of business. We will communicate either with you, or with your customer, with repair quotes, and recommendations.

If you have been needing professional luthier services for your business or  inventory, your customers or students, we can help. You can increase the services you offer, take great care of your customer needs, and generate extra income for your business.

Please contact us for more information or questions about this service.

Guitars on display


Recording Studios:

A properly tuned, intonated, and calibrated instrument makes all the difference in the final outcome of any musical recording. The String Workshop can fine tune the harmonics, calibrate and re-define the sound of the guitars, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins, and violins that you record in your studio. The difference in a professional vs amateur recording, is greatly affected by the intonation, tonal purity, and harmonic accuracy of the instruments used in the studio. Contact us to get your instruments harmonically fine tuned for optimal recordings. 

A mixer at a recording studio,

Lesson Studios: 

A learning student greatly benefits from a guitar or violin that is properly set up, calibrated for accuracy, easy to play and finger, stays and plays in tune, and that sounds it's best. When a student hears their own performance and lessons sounding really good, it generates the confidence and interest they need to move ahead in their progress.

Students playing their guitars at a guitar lesson


" The beautiful thing about learning is nobody

                can take it away from you. "

                                     - BB King -

the String Workshop offers String Instrument repair and restring services to school music programs. (We service Guitars, Bluegrass, Folk, Violins, Viola, Cello.)  We can help out with school owned instruments or those owned by your students, which need repair or tuning services. An instrument that plays and tunes it's best, sounds harmonically beautiful when played with other instruments, is a great asset for any learning student and their teachers.


If you live in Northern Utah and would like to bring your instrument to the String Workshop, for a personal evaluation, repair, upgrade, or setup, please phone or email for an appointment.

If you live further away and would like an evaluation, please call or email for an initial consultation by phone or Skype.

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