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“First you learn the instrument, then you learn the music,
then you forget all that **** and just play.” - Charlie Parker




               Restring Services

    Electric, Acoustic, Classical,

 12 String, Uke, Bass, All Others


A drawing showing the strings of a guitar, and the guitarist technique
A guitar, tuned with new strings and ready to shout
Work bench in a viloin shop,

  Orchestra Instruments

        Restring Services

       Violin, Viola, Cello


profile of the violin pegs
A mandolin front, beautiful wood and craftsmanship, the new strings are isntalled and  tuned and ready for the show
A dulcimer, an instrument of appalachian mountain oigins, can be played by anyone with little training
Banjo neck and body profile, beautiful woods and workmanship, strings tuned, ready to go
A Ukulele showing the front and strings, ready to play and accompany

                         Bluegrass - Folk - Ethnic  

                               Restring Services

                           Banjo, Mandolin, Uke, 

                     Dulcimer, Dobro, Autoharp



It's your instrument, it's your sound, it's your song. Make it blossom. New strings restore the life, tone, brightness, projection, richness, trueness, harmonic accuracy, and musical colors that your instrument was made to produce. New strings will tune better, stay in tune longer, and be more harmonically consistent than strings that have been worn out from age, environmental factors,  playing and tuning.

The String Workshop will resting your instrument (Guitars, Banjo, Uke, Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Cello) with high quality strings, correctly tie/attach them to minimize tuning slippage,  stretch and tune, clean and polish the instrument, and have you ready to sound your best. We will review with you the possible string qualities and choices that fit your instrument, tone preferences, skill level, budget, musical tastes and goals. 

We also inspect and check over your instrument and make recommendations if we see any concerns or improvements that can be made.

Collection of string instuments from around the world
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