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“Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets,

              For it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”           

                                    -- Ludwig van Beethoven  --                                










We will design a personalized  class on various aspects of guitar repair, set up, and maintenance according to what you would like to study and learn about. Please contact us to discuss and evaluate. 









We will help you shop for a new or used instrument, make a selection that is right for you, and/or evaluate the many instruments you are interested in and advise what are the features and values thereof. We assist with your purchase from a trusted dealership and then inspect and set up you instrument, so you get the best value and the right instrument for your needs and budget.




Jay has taught guitar lessons

for  over  50   years.   He has

developed musical interest and skills in thousands of students. His teaching credentials include private lessons, group classes, and Guitar Instructor at Weber State University. He has developed a unique curriculum for teaching many styles, and has personally arranged a vast selection of songs that sound great and teach the student various techniques at the same time. Many of his students have risen to prominence in vairous music venues. 

PLEASE CALL 801 726 - 2545





 We offer  one on

one  consultation

to help you design a way to identify and reach your musical goals. Please contact us to discuss and evaluate.


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