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Violin - Viola - Cello

   "To achieve something great, two things are needed;

a plan, and not quite enough time."   Leonard Bernstein


Though many shops will not work on entry level, student, beginner, or bargain instruments, The String Workshop does work on student violins, many of which have been purchased on the internet and do not play or sound true, are difficult to tune, do not bow correctly, break too many strings, and may not be acceptable for school orchestra programs. Students may find difficulties in learning on these instruments or playing in-tune together with other instruments. In many cases, the violin body itself is suitable for a learning student, but the (surface parts) tuning pegs, bridge, bow, strings, fingerboard, nut, and other aspects are not accurately made nor correctly fit to the instrument thus causing performance and tuning failure that prevents learning on the instrument. The String Workshop offers accurate upgrades to restore good performance and tuning of student orchestra instruments.


The String Workshop reworks these surface violin parts and brings the instrument to an industry wide accepted music-education standard so it can be used in lesson programs and school orchestra classes, without  having to invest large amounts of money into an expensive first trial instrument that the student may not use long term. With this work-up, the instrument will tune, play accurately, sound good, and sufficiently provide a beginning student the opportunity to be in a school music class and have a level opportunity to learn and grow musically. If they do well, then eventually a better instrument is required for further progress.


For a violin or viola to play and sound it's best, the bridge and sound post must be properly shaped and placed to the instrument. For an instrument to tune accurately and retain it's tuning, the pegs and strings must be properly aligned.

We offer violin set up, rework, and part refit and replacement to optimize the instrument performance.


              &   ACCESSORIES

The String Workshop can offer sale of Student Violin Outfits that have been reworked in our shop. They play accurately and tune truly, thus serving as an ideal and affordable first learning instrument. 

We also offer quality bows, cases, strings, bridges, pegs, and more for a violin you need to upgrade.

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