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I have had Daryl set up 2 of my guitars, an Epiphone Acoustic and a PRS. He is an amazing luthier. He has taken a very inexpensive acoustic Epiphone and done set up work that it sounds great and is really easy to play now.  Same with my PRS - it sounds wonderful and is so easy to play and keep in tune.  His wealth of knowledge is unlimited, I call him just to learn about guitars, He is for sure a Master Luthier.  (Ryan B. - Aircraft Mechanic for Delta Airlines - SLC, UT)

Daryl has worked on several of my guitars. My 1965 Electric Goya is one of my prized possessions, and also a 25 years old hand made Classical Guitar made in Spain. He also worked on my Peavey electric guitar. I have found Daryl to be very meticulous and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with his attention to detail and his honesty. He has been more than fair in his prices. I fully intend to use him in the future. I do not trust just anyone with my guitars, but I DO trust Daryl. I would highly endorse his work to anyone needing repair, restoration or set ups.   Bill D.  West Haven, UT

He worked magic on my Epiphone Master Built Hand Made Acoustic. I was told by other shops it could not be repaired. It is like brand new now !!  Gina P. - Mt Green UT

It is wonderful to see the care and detail with which every job is undertaken. A sincere and extremely knowledgable expert who takes time to enter the soul of each instrument and prepare it for the purpose required by its owner. Always fantastic to see the expert putting his art to the service of those who require the maximum accuracy and setting of the instruments to perfection.
Chris Reitz  ( Munich, Germany)    -  automotive designer and expert in alternative motion   -

They repaired my guitar because the strings were too high and difficult to play. My guitar now plays wonderfully. He also assisted in the selection of a Uke for my son, with all accessories. I had no idea what to buy, my son loves the uke and wants to take lessons. Jennifer W. - Ogden

Work done was the best we have ever had. It was like getting a new item. The work is exotic. We felt safe giving our guitar to them. A rare service in today's world. 

   - Rich S.  - Salt Lake City - U of U.

Well thought out complete service. All aspects of set up well covered. Long time - experienced luthier. Very satisfied with quality of work and price. Highly recommended service. -  (He did my Gibson 61'SG reissue, and 2 PRS)

John E. - Riverdale, Ut.

I recently purchased my second guitar (Taylor Acousitic - first was a PRS) through Daryl.  Daryl takes time researching for the best quality in my price range.  He has sent pictures of the options and helps me decide what is best for me.  When the guitar arrives he keeps it and makes sure it is set up and acclimated for our climate. I have never been disappointed.  He also did work for me on my original guitar. I trust Daryl, he is honest, knowledgeable, and a true craftsman in his field.  Jean D. (Brigham City - Fruit Farms)

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Daryl for some time, There is nothing this guy dose not know about string instruments. His knowledge and talents are second to none. I would highly recommend The String Workshop! (John E. - Owner  - Starzz Transportation,  SLC)

It's so wonderful to find an expert repairman for my guitars. Daryl is a good friend as well, I've known him all my life. Thanks for doing such a great job. I absolutely recommend his work. 

Dave C.  Eden UT    (Dark Horse Band)

Daryl is great at what he does. He is quick and efficient. Once I got my guitar restrung  and worked over, it sounded amazing. He made a nut to hold the strings. He is helpful all around. I would absolutely recommend his work.

David R. - Harrisville, UT

Daryl has worked on a couple of guitars for me. I have a Martin acoustic guitar that had a fairly high action. He was able to set the action lower making it much more playable for me. He also installed new lighter stings. This guitar had not been played in a very long time and was not as well cared for as it should have been (I bought it used), the top was dry and there was a very slight crack line from the bridge to the base of the guitar. Daryl did his magic and the thing came back to me looking like new!

In July of 2015 I stumbled upon an American made Fender Telecaster at a pawn shop. Being a novice at best I didn't notice several small problems with this guitar and took it to Daryl to be restrung. He called me and asked if I'd like a little extra work done to improve the sound. There were some electrical problems with the pickups, and the previous owner had tried and failed to fix them making a mess of things. I was so grateful to Daryl for calling and letting me know what needed to be done. It seems that Daryl can fix anything! Even the mess your brother (or whoever) has left behind!  I will have Daryl maintain, repair, setup or any other thing that could possibly go wrong with any instrument that I own now or will own in the future!       April A.   Ogden UT

They have done so much work for me on my many guitars, I have lost count. They have done a lot of set ups and string action work on my Gibsons and PRS. 

Randy C. - Sundance catalog IT - Farmington, UT

I've been with Daryl for a few years now, and I'm definitely impressed with the amount of work and care that is put into my guitars, basses, etc. He's way more than qualified to do what he does with the instruments and I am always extremely happy with the final products!   

Jack D. - Ogden UT  (Player of 7  Different Instruments)

Our business has had the pleasure of using The String Workshop to repair and adjust several shop guitars. Daryl 's ability to reset and calibrate both acoustic and electric guitars has helped to improve our sales. Daryl is great at letting us know in advance what needs to be done and sticks to a very reasonable price to make improvements and repairs. We recommend him to all of our string instrument customers.

Advantage Inc.,  West Haven, UT

They have done several Taylor guitars for me. I appreciate the quality of the care that has been given to my guitars and the exactness of the service that is performed. I definitely recommend this service to family and friends.     Kent M. (Electrician) SLC, UT

Daryl provides the best service around. He is very knowledgeable and is always willing to go the extra mile for you. I use him for all my guitars - set ups, string changes, restore, etc.  I won't go to anyone else, I absolutely recommend him.   Tanner B. - Brigham City, UT - (Orbital ATK)

Daryl did a wonderful job on my guitars, timely, great work.

Michelle E.  North Ogden, UT (Alder Construction)

Excellent workmanship in repairs and adjustments; communicates well with each project. Absolutely recommended        Mark R.  West Haven, UT

I am so glad he is still doing instruments, I could not get them done anywhere the way he does them, REALLY excellent !!

"If you are looking for old fashioned service, integrity, and skill then look no further than the string workshop. Daryl has an excellent eye and ear, skilled hands and truly believes in serving his clients to the best of his supremely capable abilities. We've known and worked with Daryl for over 23 years. You won't meet a more honest and trustworthy person. We don't know any other place you could find this combination of expertise, integrity and service.   

Stephen D. Language Specialist  Jenner, CA

I would totally recommend these guys for any stringed instrument repair. I took my violin to Daryl to replace some pegs and refit strings. He knows his violins and I was really impressed with his work. His passion for the craft is apparent in his workmanship and how much time he spent answering my questions and explaining the various repairs to me. I mentioned to Daryl that I was restoring the violin as a gift. Without me even asking, he expedited my repair so I could have the violin ready in time. Not to mention, the repair ended up being less expensive than I was anticipating. So yeah, I can’t recommend this place enough. Melissa Z. , Ogden UT

They repaired my guitar, very professinal , and excellent work. And very prompt and they kept me informed -Jay B. (Beckstrom Body Shop)  Ogden, UT

I had purchased a used Gibson Les Paul at a local pawn shop. I soon realized that my great find had some problems. My Guitar teacher recommended Daryl at The String Workshop in Ogden Utah. Daryl really went the extra mile making my guitar be what I hoped it would be.
I can't recommend him highly enough.
  Allen H. Tremonton UT

I bought a mandolin that just wasn’t quite right from the classifieds. I was wanting it set up so it was more playable. Daryl checked it out and made some recommendations and went to work on it. It turned out amazing and am very happy with the work done. Not only is Daryl a quality luthier, he is a quality guy too. Thanks Daryl!!!   Ryan P. - Trucker - Tremonton, UT

I recently bought a unique Doc Fossey banjo guitar knowing it had a crack on the spruce top, and hoping I could find a luthier who could repair it correctly, and would care as much about the instrument as I do. I found Daryl's website and had him look at it. I knew right away I had chosen well. Daryl was kind and eager to help. He made a great effort to study the damage and engineer a repair that would last. I highly recommend Daryl; he is master at his craft. 

Todd S.  West Weber, UT

One sure fire way of knowing if a company is very good is to have a problem then see how it's resolved.
I purchased a Cordoba classical guitar. Loved the guitar but after having it a couple months I began having problems with the pickup on it. I took it back to Daryl and no questions, no hassle, no painful process of any kind. He contacted the manufacturer and they sent a new guitar within a couple of days. Daryl took the time without any additional cost to me to set up the new guitar and has since serviced it once and it is perfect. I highly recommend this fantastic company.

Deon H.  - Building Restoration Specialist - Ogden UT

I had a very good experience with The String Workshop. I was able to have two guitars set up by Daryl. I'd never had an instrument professionally set up before so it was a new experience for me. Daryl did a fantastic job and I will undoubtedly use him again. If you've never had an instrument professionally set up and you're thinking about it - do yourself a favor and have Daryl do it.

R. Albert - Ogden UT

Daryl helped buy my first really nice guitar. As a beginner, with little knowledge of what I should get, he talked me through the options and I am now a proud owner of a Taylor guitar. It is beautiful and sounds so nice. He set it up for me and I love playing it. He also set up my old guitar and cleaned and restrung it. I use it for my office so I can practice during lunch. It is much easier to play and looks better, also. So, if you are a longtime player or new, Daryl is the person to go to for your string instrument needs.   M. Waddell - Ogden, UT

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Daryl last August. I purchased an entry level mandolin that was basically unplayable! After Daryl worked his magic, my $50.00 mando, it plays beautifully!
Not only is Daryl a talented luthier, but also a really nice guy! Will be taking my Ibanez 12-string to him for some much needed work! Thanks Daryl!
    Marc L. -  Salt Lake City ,  - UTA Engineer

Brought my Ovation guitar in to the workshop to have  Daryl  set it up correctly. I came into Ogden from out of state and Daryl was able to work his magic on my  Ovation before i had to leave.  I am very impressed with the workmanship. Guitar plays well and sounds great.     Thanks Daryl         

                  -   SAM N.     -     San Francisco, CA.

"A heart is not judged by how much you love,
  but by how much you are loved by others. "
          - L. Frank Baum - Wizard of Oz  -
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