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String Workshop

Practice Tips

In order to progress and develop musical skills, many factors are required.  Foremost amongst these is regular practice.  To become really accomplished in music artistry, you must continually add new skills to those already mastered.  This is referred to as progress.


  1. Practice regularly.  Make practice a habit and part of your daily schedule.  A little time spent each day adds up.  Better results occur from regular daily practice than from long sessions one day and then skipping several days.  Consistent practice hastens and builds music skills and progress.

  2. Always practice in a quiet place where you can concentrate and focus.  Avoid distractions and disturbances in your practice room.

  3. Practice earlier in the day or evening rather than the last thing at night.  If you are already too tired, you won’t gain as much from your practice time.

  4. Review each current lesson and then set goals to accomplish from you new material.

  5. Don’t be in a hurry or get discouraged.  Real progress comes slowly.  Remember that discouragement is the doorway to failure.  When feeling discouraged, talk to your teacher, parent or friend.  They will be aware of how much progress you have already made and will remind you of it.

  6. Attend concerts and performances.  Observe how the performers play and interact.  It’s good to feel inspired and to let this usher you ahead in your endeavors.

  7. Listen to music on videos, tapes, CD’s, etc. and learn about the vast realm of music possibilities.

  8. Get together with other musicians and players and have fun reading, performing, or just jamming with one another.          

  9. Take all your assignments and lessons seriously.  Accomplish whatever your teacher shows you and go back to class prepared and ready for something new.

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