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Locking Tuners

                        Upgrade your guitar with locking tuners -

One of the most popular and important upgrades for any guitar

                                        ANY GUITAR  -  ANY STYLE

No matter what style you play or are learning, locking tuners will make all the difference to your sound, keeping your guitar in perfect tune for longer times, with little or no tuning required during playing, performance, recording, or practice sessions.

Locking Tuners Explained:


           What are locking tuners and why do I want them on my guitar?

Locking tuners are a very popular upgrade at The String Workshop. They improve tuning stability and make string changes much faster and easier.

Locking Tuning Machine Heads offer a new experience in ensuring your guitar is tuned more quickly and accurately than with conventional tuner designs, as well as holding the strings in tune for much longer time during and between sessions.

Each locking-tuner features a clamp mechanism inside the tuner to lock your strings down to avoid any slippage. This provides exceptional tuning stability and long-term reliability. They work great for guitars with  vibrato systems, and help keep your guitar from slipping out of tune.



           Some Advantages from locking tuners

Speedy string changes

  • By locking the string against the tuner, you can use fewer string winding to keep the tuning stable. Less windings generally means quicker and easier restringing. The locking tuners makes it faster and easier to restring – because they do not require multiple winds or lock knots around the post. Just insert your string in the guide hole, turn the lock wheel, and wind up the string until tuned; and its installed – that simple !!


Stay in tune when doing string bends

  • When bending strings, the stretching of the string causes the string to lose some of its tension at the tuning post, and it returns to its original position sounding flat, thus needing to be tuned often. With locking tuners, when you bend the strings, the tuner holds the string tight and does not let it lose tension, so it returns to its original position still  in tune.


Quick tuning-changes and stability with alternate tunings

  • Alternate Tunings – When tuning to open, drop, or alternate tunings, having locking tuners on your guitar quickens the tuning changes, gets you there faster, as well as holding the strings more perfectly in their new tuning positions.

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