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                       - Luthier Services by Appointment -

We offer free evaluation of string instruments   :::

Guitars, Violins, Banjos, Bass Guitars, and all other

string instruments.

If you would like to bring your instrument

to our shop, please call or email for an

appointment so we can be sure to be here

to meet you when you arrive. 

If you live outside of this area and would like our evaluation of your instrument, please provide a detailed summary about your instrument, and your concerns. We will reply as soon as we can to set up a consultation-evaluation (Skype or Phone), and advise what resolutions we can offer.  Thank You !!

I travel periodically for volunteer work or training, and may occasionally be away for a week or two. I do luthier work when I am here. These are the things I love to do. I will happily meet you and evaluate your instrument by appointment when I am here.

In your email message, please include as much information as

possible to help us better evaluate and advise solutions:

Such as:

Kind of Instrument: 

Name Brand:



What questions or concerns do you have?

Thanks! Message sent.

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