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“Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

"An instrument is at it's best, when it does what you want it to do. In order to know where to set our expectations, one has to know what it can do. This is where an experienced luthier can help. To imagine various possibilities: from design, building, finishing, playing, creating, listening; and then decide where to focus on bringing these out, that is the art- of the string instrument craft."                             - Unknown -


Top Profile of electric Guitar with flame maple top, and special designed pick ups for a unique personal sound


Founder and Luthier

String Instrument Craftsmanship has been a major interest and influence since the beginning of my career. The more I work with these string instruments, the more fascinating discoveries I find, and am able to incorporate these unique pieces of information into the luthier work I do to bring about the idealism of an instrument. While I could have a major career in sales, and the vast revenue possibilities it offers, I still prefer to work in the shop and create musical instrument jewels out of an existing instrument.

Guitar Specialist -

45+ Years Experience 


I started working on Guitars, Violins and other  String Instruments more than 45 years ago, when I became interested in making my Gibson Guitars sound better. I talked to old seasoned pros from an era gone by about how instruments are designed and built and why one  sounds better than another  of the same kind. From that small beginning, to this day, I am still fascinated with the personal character, 'persona', of an instrument, and in how to bring about it's latent possibilities for tonal beauty, unique sound quality, and trueness of tuning, play-ability, and harmonic bouquets.

   Exotic, Ethnic, Historical,

          Cultural, Folk

        -  All Types of

      String Instruments  -

There are countless intriguing string instruments that date back to early historical times, cultures, and events. Some of these played a role in the evolution and development of today's main string instruments - Guitars and Violins. I have experience in working on many of these instruments and will be able to examine and help you decide their relevance or importance in your present musical scope.

Student Instruments
  - Guitars & Violins -


Student Guitars & Violins often need the most upgrade, to insure they perform to the music educational standard required to learn and be in a music program. Many shops do not work on these instruments, or charge excessive fees. I specialize in upgrades to these student instruments so that students can learn on them, play them in tune, and have a good first experience in exploring their personal musical possibilities. While I frequently work on professional and advanced instruments, I also give importance to student instruments. Every Professional and accomplished Master was a beginning student at some time.

The String Workshop services both of the major string instrument groups ::::
Fretted (Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin)
Orchestral (Violin, Viola, Cello)
Both instrument groups are marvelous works of musical-art and musical-mediums in themselves. They do work beautifully together when properly and  respectfully intertwined. Please click to see a sample of what is possible
            Hauser & Petrit Çeku - Concierto de Aranjuez  (Cello & Classical Guitar
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