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Tuning - Repair - Restoration      

Autoharp has played a meaningful role in many music genres: It was used by pioneering folk-rock bands in the 60s and 70s, school teachers love them for sing-along- in classrooms - those who do not paly any other instrument can easily use the autoharp to accompany sing-along's at home, family get-togethers, Christmas carols, etc. ,.
The String Workshop is one fo the few remaining instrument shops that has broad experience with autoharps and has repaired and restored many of them -of all ages and makes . While Autoharp is becoming a rare instrument, and parts may not always be available, but if you have an autoharp that you would like to restore, tune, or upgrade, you are welcome to contact us at The String Workshop - we have been doing autoharps service since the 1960s.

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