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“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”                                        - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -





Guiatr Repair tools

Guitar & Bass Set Up Package

A Guitar Set Up is much more than merely taking an instrument out of the box or case and tuning the strings. A Set - Up is to regulate, configure, balance, harmonize, synchronize, optimize and/or calibrate all the factors involved with string height, finger pressure, playability, harmonic accuracy at every fret, position, and combination; neck and fingerboard straightness and alignment, string to neck radius , and overall tonal beauty and performance of an instrument.


"An instrument is set up best with a combination of precision measurement tools, continuous play testing throughout the process, and an expert-experienced eye, ear, and insight; to make visual and audible calculations that mix in with the other evaluations bringing out optimal play-ability, harmonic accuracy,  and or personalized performance style."

Here is a list of some of the details that we cover when doing our custom set up work on any guitar brought to our shop.





Playability - Tonality -

Intonation -Structural

      Adjust string action and harmonics utilizing these play-tests:

  • Play open strings and check for choke or buzz

  • Play a range of bends to check for stable tuning or location choking

  • Play a range of scales and runs to check for string to string continuity

  • Play test harmonics at various sub-harmonic points

  • Compare open strings to fretted strings for matched harmony

  • Play all notes on the fret-board and check for buzz

  • Play variety of chords and styles to verify true tonality.

  • Check string action - height, radius, and continuity across all strings

  • Play test and measure for high action or hard to press strings and adjust

  • Check and adjust intonation with strobe/digital tuner

  • Play and test intonation with harmonics comparisons

  • Verify Neck is straight and playable

  • Check that all frets are properly seated and tight

  • Adjust Neck Truss Rod tension as required

  • Check Nut Height and radius

  • Adjust Nut as required for smooth paly action

  • Check Saddles and bridge for correct height and radius

  •       + Adjust height and configure-radius as required

  • Check for warpage of the top and neck

  • Check for Loose braces or internal discrepancies

  • Check Internal sound board and bridge plates

  • Check internal construction and detect any loose or misfit parts

  • Check all seams are solid and fit correctly

  • Check fret level, evenness and continuity

  • Locate and level-seat any high frets

Instrument Optimization

  • Set up Instrument for optimal play action

  • Set Up Instrument harmonics for best tonal response from the instrument

  • Set Up Instrument to maintain best structural stability for the climate 

  • Additional Custom Radius/Intonation crafting for advanced-level set ups   is available.  (Please ask for details)

Instrument Hydration - Acclimatization

  • Check for dryness issues as wood dries out in a low humidity climate

  • Rehydrate dry woods as needed

  • Complete adjustments to restore dryness related instrument disequilibrium

Electronics (Acoustic & Electric)

  • Check for smooth and noiseless operation of volume                               and tone controls, pots and switches

  • Test all applicable electronic functions

  • Test any specialized switching

  • Check output jack function

  • Verify tightness of attached parts

  • Check Battery


  • Check proper movement and resetting of vibrato-tremolo

  • Check tightness of strap buttons

  • Check tuning machines for proper operation and tension

  • Check for rattles or vibration​

  • Check parts and plates on body head, front, back and sides.



  • Check headstock, neck, neck joint,  fingerboard and body for flaws or misfit.

  • Check for chips, scratches, dings or finish flaws

  • Inspect overall appearance and solidarity of the instrument

  • Tune, polish, and prepare for delivery



  • Check to make sure all latches and closures are working

  • Check to make sure handle is secure

  • Check to make sure all straps are solid and connected

  • Check to make sure it closes or zippers properly

  • Check to make sure interior is stitched and seamed correctly

  • Verify instrument fits properly in case or bag.


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