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    Repairs and Adjustments – All Types

An experienced guitar repair shop serving                             all of Utah and surrounding area - 

   “If it sounds good, it is good.”     

              -Louis Armstrong -

The String Workshop is a guitar repair service, with experience in working  on  all  types,  ages,  brands,  and  genres of String  Instruments: A custom shop acoustic and electric guitar service specialist.

Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Folk, Ukulele,

and Orchestral Instruments.

More than just a guitar repair shop !!

Please contact The String Workshop with your questions and we will be happy to evaluate your instrument  and recommend the best course to follow in bringing your instrument to its optimal potential for tuning, tonal beauty and play-ability. We're here to help, hope to see you soon !!

             All levels - Guitar Repair & Set Up Specialist


Does your guitar buzz or choke? Is it hard to press the strings, causing sore fingers?

Does it always sound out of tune, even when tuning it on a digital tuner?  If a guitar                                            is not set up correctly, these  symptoms  occur and can  ruin the tone, play-ability,  and

beauty of  the  instruments musical  outflow. Can  anything  be  done to restore the

true tone and harmony?  YES!!


It needs to be adjusted and calibrated to correct performance standards, or

SET UP. When this is done correctly, the instrument will tune truly and sound its best.


Student level guitars are much easier to learn on when set up properly. Higher end guitars

will sound, project, and tune as sweetly as they were designed to do.

You paid a lot of hard earned money for your instrument. Now go the next step and let a professional luthier make it play and tune correctly and sound it's best.


We offer every level of GUITAR SET UP & REPAIR, and will bring your guitar to it's optimal play and tune potentials

We offer sale of student and intermediate guitars that have been set up and adjusted to play and tune correctly, providing the student an instrument they can learn the basics on while developing confidence and interest in further progress.  We also offer a maintenance plan to help you keep your instrument working and tuning  correctly throughout the seasons.

To see a list of our guitar repair shop services we offer, please click on the drop down menus at the top of the page:

OR on These Titles Below:

                                                                - Luthier -

                                                                           - Guitar Repair Classes

                                                                           -  Evaluations

                                                                 - Guitar Services -

                                                                           - Guitar Repair                                                     

                                                                           - Guitar Set Ups

                                                                           - Guitar Care - Humidity & Dryness

                                                                           - Maintenance Plans              



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