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Personal Instrument Shopper – Advisor

" When I was 5 years old, my  mother  always told me that happiness  was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life.  "                                                                      -   John Lennon   -

Personal Instrument Shopper-  Guitars and Violins

Let a professional and experienced instrument craftsman-specialist guide your steps to the best instrument for your needs, goals,  and budget. One that is on your team, and is working with you to procure the ideal instrument for your needs and wishes.... The String Workshop has  years of experience. Let us utilize our knowledge and 'become the shopper', to fulfill your musical instrument dreams.


If you have shopped for a musical instrument, you may have been caught

in the massive Barrage of  choices, claims of ‘ours  is better……’, confusing

and groundless stats,  and  untrained  sales  advisers  trying to meet their

numbers. In the end, you may choose an instrument not knowing the reality about it. More often than not, it may end up not meeting your needs or fitting your goals, not being what it is 'claimed' to be, and/or costing more than it should.


Instrument makers produce a wide variety of instruments in order to meet the multi-extensive needs and interests of today's music world. Having the right instrument for ‘you’, at a fair price, that is properly built, and is adjusted to your climate helps insure you get the most worthwhile instrument for your personal needs and purposes.

Having owned a large Music Instrument Dealership for many years, and working closely with many of the world’s leading Instrument makers, factories and importers, we have gained an insight into the Musical Instrument world that makes us able to help you shop for an instrument, advise you as to the best selection for your needs, goals, and budget; and assure the right price, features, construction  and quality. The instrument is delivered to our shop for rigorous inspection and set up to the highest Instrumental play-tune-performance standards. From there, it is delivered to you; a cherished personal instrument for your musical life and happiness.

Education – Expert Advice – Exclusive Set Up Work

At  the String Workshop, an experienced musical craftsman will evaluate your hand-arm size, height, musical development and goals, budget; and consider your personal ideas of what music could bring into your life. With this and our years of experience working with all kinds of instruments, manufacturers, and players, we will advise and guide you to the ideal choice, help you  locate a trusted dealer and get a fair and competitive price, rigorously inspect it for meeting all musical learning and playing standards, and will do a professsional SET-UP, and adjust it for accurate harmonic tuning, for your best hand positions and pressure, and for the local climate;  so it remains playable, sounds it’s best, and endures the changes of season that can have various effects on the wood and architecture of the instrument.


Our shopper credentials that qualifies us to assist in your selection of an instrument that will meet your needs:


1. 45+ years Musical Instrument Services: 

     Musical Instrument craftsman,   repairman, Luthier, dealer, and teacher.

2. Composer and recording experience

3. Performed in musical groups.

4. Music teachers at all levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced


Please call or email for a free initial consultation on your personal instrument repair,

set-up, or purchase-assist.




                                                 Here is What we do:

1. We will evaluate your needs, budget, musical level and goals, and then help you choose the ideal instrument.

2. We will help you locate an established, trusted and  reputable authorized Instrument dealer and assure you are getting the right instrument and a fair price.

3. We will inspect and assure your instrument is in excellent condition free of flaws; hidden or visible. You will receive one that meets the conditions set out by the manufacturer. If we find any flaw, we assist you to arrange to return and replace it.

4. We will do a professional set up, allowing for climactic conditions and optimal play and tune settings.

5. You can contact us with questions anytime about the instrument, and bring it in for additional - seasonal inspections and analysis to make sure it is breaking in as it should.

6. We offer training programs to help you learn how to tune and maintain your instrument.

7. You can purchase a maintenance agreement from us and we will provide regular and accurate adjustment services to help assure your instrument tunes and plays its best, and becomes well seasoned and responsive for your musical needs.

8. We offer exceptional guitar lessons that will be customized to your personal wishes and capabilities.

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