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you may find, peace of mind is waiting there. "                      -  George Harrison   -


Guitar Buyer-Shopper Service

The String Workshop, with our Buyer Assistance Program,  can help you choose, locate, and purchase a Guitar, or related instrument from the large assortment of popular and trusted brands and styles. Guitar is now considered the world's most popular instrument and is loved and expressive in cultures and countries worldwide. It is simple to learn the basics and can be enjoyed at home, school, travel, camping, vacation, performances, vocal accompaniment and almost any time you feel like making music. Children to Seniors, it is simple to handle, learn, play, and makes a great sing-a-long instrument.

Guitar is a very popular youth-student instrument which provides first exposure to learning -playing music on a string instrument.

Whether for groups, schools, families, or individuals, we will help you identify the features, qualities, construction and fair value; plus identify which ones fits your occasion and purpose, and also meets your budget.

We help you locate a trusted source-dealer and  rigorously inspect our instruments to see they  meet all quality requirements, and also do a thorough SET UP in our shop.

There are many fine Name Brands in the Guitar world of today, due to the explosive popularity of this fun instrument that has occurred in the last few years. We can assist you through the vast maze of choices and align your purchase to your needs and goals, and work  with an authorized and trusted dealership.

Whether your wish is for an electric guitar, a classical or acoustic guitar, a Bass Guitar, Uke, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello, or other string instrument, we can help you make a good satisfying and lasting choice.

We assist with accessories such as bags, cases, cables, tuners, picks, music stands, straps, and books.

Please call or email for a Shopper Appointment 

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