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Enjoying the guitar lesson and learning th new material

The String Workshop

Music Teachers Listing

Focus, concentration, repeat over and over again, keys to mastery, a guitar student Mastering his lesson

                             Guitar and Fretted Instrument Lessons:


Guitar Lessons:

      Jay Rubin       801 726 2545   : Guitar Lessons, Private, 50 years experience

         Daryl Rubin   801 394 3576   : Guitar Repair Classes, Private, 45 years experience


Bass Lessons:

Banjo Lessons:

Mandolin Lessons:


Ukulele Lessons:

Other Instruments Lessons:



                                       Orchestra Lessons:

Violin Lessons:

Viola Lessons:

Cello Lessons:

Young girl plays her violin under the moon and starlit night
Teachers Welcome:  If you would like to be added to this referral list, please call or email, include what instruments you teach and your expereince.
Violinist plays his heart out behind a sunset
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